Tip to Eat More Veggies!

Hey y’all!

Super duper easy tip for you today: pre-chop veggies and put them in a baggie! I know, rocket science!

The reason I’m sharing this today is because I just mindlessly ate half a bag of veggies because of this tip. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of eating on the run or mindless eating. But today, I was reading a fitness article on my computer and I had a bag of veggies on my lap. Before I knew it, half of the bag was gone! SWEET!

Bag of Veg

I don’t think I would have eaten so many veggies at once if they weren’t pre-chopped and so accessible. This also got me thinking about convenience/junk foods. They sure make their foods easy to eat, just rip open a package and go for it. What if you had healthier foods available to you like junk foods? Do you think you would eat more of them?

ACTION STEP: Set yourself up for healthy eating success by planning ahead and chopping your veggies! They’re portable, and don’t even need refrigeration! Booya!