Save Money on Ground Beef!

This one is for all the meat eaters out there! A lot of our budget can be spent on quality protein, and it can be pretty expensive. Well, here is my tip:

Buy a higher fat ground beef, then drain and rinse it to make it taste more lean!

OK, what do I mean?!?

Cook your ground beef like normal (I just brown mine in a skillet).
Then, put a strainer in the sink lined with a paper towel.
When the beef is browned, dump it directly on the paper towel in the strainer.
Let all the grease drain out, then lightly spray it with water.
I use the sprayer next to my sink faucet, or you can turn your faucet on with a low flow and slowly rinse your meat.
Once the water has drained out, I put the meat into containers so it’s ready to go for my meals that week.
Oh, and don’t season the ground beef, just wait to see what meal you’re going to use it in, then season it accordingly.

Ground Beef

I learned this trick on accident one day. I was grocery shopping, and the place where I get my meat had already sold all of their leaner ground beef. I was going to make pumpkin chili that night, so I went ahead and bought the 80/20 ground beef (that means 80% lean, 20% fat, just in case y’all were wondering). I’m sure glad I did! I saved about $1.50/pound! That sure adds up, especially when you buy several pounds at a time.

Give it a try, and see how much money you can save over the month!