Mmmmm, Pie!

Every few months I get a craving for pie. Never cake, because gross.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a salty-craver WAY more than a sugary-craver. That’s part of the reason I probably rarely get those cravings.

I was picking up some pulled pork for dinner from a restaurant, and they had this key lime pie in the display begging to be eaten. So, I ordered a piece.

Key Lime Pie

The key lime part was awesome, but the creamy top was suuuuper sugary, and tasted gross (to me). So what did I do? I scraped off the top, and enjoyed the pie until I felt my craving was satisfied. That was three bites later. This was what I returned to the fridge for later this week.

Could I have eaten the whole piece of pie? Easily. Would it have been as satisfying as those perfect three bites that I had? Nope, not to me. Could eating just a few bites seem weird? It could. Do I care? Sure don’t!

I LOVE food, and the taste of most foods. Do I want to eat food just because it’s there? I sure don’t! I want a flavor explosion in my mouth, and to enjoy every bit of it!

ACTION STEP: So, what’s the lessen here? There are ways to work “less healthy” foods into your diet and not feel guilty or ashamed that you ate them. In fact, when you do have these types of foods, I want you to do the opposite and enjoy the heck out of them. But, only until you’re truly satisfied. This is going to look different for each person. A way to start practicing this is to slow down your eating. Then, after each bite of pie (or whatever you’re enjoying), ask yourself if that bite was WAY better than the previous one. Be honest. If it wasn’t, it’s time to stop. This may take you some time, trial, and error to figure out, and that’s ok. What we’re trying to learn is moderation.

Bonus: I have pie for later this week still! YES!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to learn more about this method, and how I approach my nutrition coaching, feel free to contact me!