Leftover Omelette!

Is it bad that I’ve had this for breakfast every morning since Thanksgiving?!? Yep, three days in a row. It’s so fast, easy, and delicious! And, you can’t let those leftovers go to waste, right?

1 tsbp coconut oil
5 eggs
splash of any milk you like
1-2 cups of chopped leftover turkey (I didn’t measure, I just threw some in)
1-2 cups of leftover stuffing
1/4 cup leftover gravy

In a large skillet, heat your coconut oil on medium.
While that’s heating, whisk together the eggs and milk in a bowl.
Make sure the skillet is nice an hot, then pour the egg/milk mix on it. Let that cook for just a bit.
On one half of the eggs, evenly spread out the turkey and stuffing.
Let the eggs cook until they aren’t runny anymore.
Using a large spatula, flip the empty side of the eggs onto the full side.
Top with gravy (I had this heating in a pot on the side while I made the omelette).

This makes two servings. ENJOY!!!

Leftover Omelette

I didn’t season this dish because the turkey, stuffing, and gravy were soooooo good on their own! Leftovers, YUM!!!