Easy Boiled Eggs!

I eat hard boiled eggs a couple of days a week. They’re nice to have on hand for a quick breakfast or to throw on top of a salad for added protein. So, I’ve got the egg boiling thing down to a science!

I’ve actually been asked several times what the best way to boil an egg is, so here you go:

Boil a pot of water.
Keep the water boiling and gently place eggs in the pot (I use a spoon).
Boil for 9 minutes.
Drain the boiling water, and add a bunch of ice cubes and a little cold water to the pot, this will create an ice bath.
Let that sit for 10-15 minutes.
Drain the ice water.
Crack the egg (I tap it on the counter about four times, rotating a quarter turn each tap).
The peel should come right off.

If you aren’t going to use the egg right away, leave the shell on and just store it in the refrigerator.

If you like your eggs a bit more done, go for 10 minutes, this is what a 9 minute boil looks like:

Boiled Eggs

***BONUS: did you know that if you keep boiled eggs and fresh eggs in the same container, there is a way to tell which ones have been cooked? Spin the egg on the counter (like a toy top, just lay it on it’s side), if it wobbles around it’s fresh, if it spins in an even circle it’s been boiled. Give it a try!