Bulk Chicken!

A huge key to nutrition/diet success is to be prepared. It gives you a choice. If you have nothing prepared, you’ll usually grab the pre-packaged easy stuff. The grab and go “foods” are usually less than ideal, nutritionally speaking.

Here is a way for you to cook one of the most popular proteins, chicken! YUM!

2 lbs boneless chicken breasts, chopped into bite sized pieces
2 lbs boneless chicken thighs, chopped into bite sized pieces

Once all the chicken is chopped, put it in a large pot on medium heat.
Stir it around occasionally until the chicken is done.
Drain off the excess liquid/fat.
Store in the refrigerator in the pot or in smaller containers.

Boiled Chicken

That’s it. You’ll have chicken for daaaaaaaaaaays! You can top it on salad, mix it into a veggie stir-fry, make my favorite dish coconut curry chicken, or just eat it plain. Sometimes, I’ll top chicken with dijon mustard (trust me, it’s the bomb!), and have an apple and mixed raw nuts for lunch. The possibilities are endless, really. It doesn’t have to be fancy!

While you’re cooking, avoid seasoning the chicken, it definitely doesn’t need it. The fat from the thighs helps with the flavor and also helps keep all the chicken juicy. If you’ve been in the “chicken is dry and chewy camp” before, try this method, it will definitely change your mind. Feel free to season the chicken later, obviously, if a recipe calls for it. By not seasoning it, your chicken can be added to any dish, and not ruin any flavor profiles you might be going for.

And, please don’t worry about the couple of grams of fat from the thighs. One of the nutrition habits I teach is to eat healthy fats daily. It would be more beneficial for you to have a whole foods meal (that you’ve prepared, go you!!!) than to have a processed one that is void of nutrients and things like healthy, naturally occurring fats.

BONUS: thighs are cheaper than breasts! You can save money with this tip! YES!!!!!!! Now go prep some chicken!