Breakfast for Busy People!

I get it, we’re all rushed in the morning. A lot of times, you’re stuck grabbing a breakfast bar and a cup of coffee if you’re lucky! Here is a quick and easy breakfast idea for you full that’s full of protein, healthy fat, greens, and probiotics. Don’t tell me you can’t make time for your probiotics!

1 tsp coconut oil
2 eggs
1/3 cup-ish sauerkraut
1 small avocado
handful of greens
seasoning to taste (I used crushed red pepper and artisan salt)

Warm the coconut oil in a large sauce pan.
Crack the eggs into the pan and cook to your liking.
Add the sauerkraut to the other side of the pan to start heating it up.
While that’s cooking, chop your avocado, and put the greens on a plate.
Season your eggs any way you like.
Put the sauerkraut and eggs on your plate (I like the sauerkraut under my eggs, so it gets yolk-y), and top with the avocado.
This takes about 5-7 minutes max.

Serves one. ENJOY!!!

Easy Breakfast

ACTION STEP: Would you set your alarm ten minutes earlier to be able to start your day with a healthy and yummy breakfast? Try it out and let me know how your day goes!

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