Be a Food Adventurer!

This weekend I was in rural SE Georgia celebrating my guys 30th birthday.

We were at Lake Blackshear, and I had never been that far SE in Georgia before. Besides all the new adventures, I was looking forward to finding a country store that sold local goods.

I love eating what the locals eat and trying new things. I also try to avoid any chain restaurants, at all costs…

Well, I was not disappointed! I found the Salt Lick Sausage Company. They had everything you could ever want in there, and they made their own sausage! YUM!


I used the fork for reference, those things are HUGE!!!!!!!! They’re just over $1 per sausage, and made locally! Take that Oscar Meyer!


I also found these cracklings from Tennessee. I had never had these before, and they looked interesting. Turns out cracklings are fried pork fat with a small amount of attached skin, flavored after frying with a mixture of peppery Cajun spices. Now you know too. These weren’t my favorite due to the the texture in my mouth, but I can see the appeal, they had great flavor.

The point is, I tried something new, I was a food adventurer!

Guess what? You can be too!

ACTION STEP: Try a new food this week. Seek out something “weird” at the grocery store. You may like it, you may not. But, hopefully it will give you a feeling of adventure around food! Have fun with this one!!!