The Hickory Nut Workout!

Wait… What?!?

I know.

How did this cute little nut help me exercise?


I was on a walk with my guy, he found it on the ground, and we thought it was pretty cool. For a tree nut, you know.

Then I said, “Roll that down the sidewalk and see how far you can get it before it hits a curb or grass or goes into the road!”

Game on.

He rolled first, and did really well. I took off running after that thing. So did he. We were busting up laughing!

OK, my turn. I did pretty well too. Off we ran again, chasing that little nut!

I kind of felt like Harry Potter chasing the snitch. Minus the flying and all…

We took turns rolling the hickory nut for about 30 minutes, working on our strategies. But, we lost track of time because we were having so much fun.

Yes, exercise CAN be fun! WOOHOO!

ACTION STEP:  find a way to make your workout fun. Steal this idea if you like, it was way more fun than I thought throwing a nut down the sidewalk could be. After you have a fun workout, share what you did, maybe somebody will use your idea!