How NOT Going to the Gym CAN be a Workout!

Last month, I slept in my own bed five nights. Yep, you read that right. And, in that same amount of time, I’ve been to eight of the fifty states. Hey America!

US American Flag

This was a really busy month. I traveled to Missouri for a fitness conference, then to Oregon/Washington to renovate and sell my rental house, then pit stopped in Colorado to see my best friend. I’m tired just reading that! HA!

I knew when I got on the first of many flights that I’d have a less than normal exercise month. I started thinking about how/when/where I would workout. Then I stopped. I had a lot more on my plate that needed my attention. I told myself, I’ll just get movement and exercise in when I can.

Here’s what I did know:

  • I would get exercise at the fitness conference
  • I’d be getting a lot of “different” movement with the renovation
  • My parents have a mini gym at their house where I stayed during renovations
  • I would probably get outdoors while I was in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado

Other than that, I decided to not have a plan.

And, that’s OK.

I took the pressure off. It felt good.

Turns out I got plenty of movement. One of the days was particularly interesting. My workout consisted of:

  • carrying an aluminum ladder 1/2 mile (thank goodness for farmer carries!)
  • running back to my car 1/2 mile (I didn’t have access to a truck, gotta do what you gotta do, right?)
  • sweeping my roof
  • cleaning my gutters

That took most of the day, if I decided that wasn’t a “good enough” workout, there’s probably something wrong with me. That brings me to my point…

Do you beat yourself up when you don’t go to the gym?


There are soooo many ways to get movement in that don’t involve the gym. If you went for a brisk walk, played catch with your kids, went horseback riding, or whatever, give yourself a fiver. You weren’t sitting on the couch, give yourself some credit!

Now, do I think strength training is awesome, and everyone could benefit from being stronger? OF COURSE! But, if you missed a day, but were still active, try not to beat yourself up about it or feel guilty for “missing a workout”. In fact, add it to your workout calendar (if you keep a thing like that), and be proud of your extra movement.

ACTION STEP: Is there something you enjoy doing that would help you get some movement in this weekend? Can you make it a priority? Good. Look at your calendar, find a time that works for you, then add it in. Last step, HAVE FUN!