Word of the Week: Simple!


  • easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.
  • not elaborate or artificial; plain
  • not ornate or luxurious; unadorned
  • unaffected; unassuming; modest
  • not complicated
  • not complex or compound; single

Have you ever heard of the acronym: KISS? Well, it stands for keep it simple silly.


A lot of times we tend to over-complicate things. That can create unwanted stress, and even anxiety. Sometimes it’s easier to just keep things simple. This week that’s what I want y’all to focus on.

Have any of you noticed how simple I keep my recipes for you? That’s not by accident. Fitness and exercise does NOT need to be complicated. The more simple we make it, the more likely we are to succeed. And, hey, wouldn’t it be nicer to get to our goals faster by keeping things simple?

ACTION STEP: pick one thing that you’re going to keep simple, or make simple this week. Again, you’ll do this from Wednesday to Wednesday. Write down on a piece of paper what you’re going to keep simple, and keep it in your purse/pocket this week. Remember KISS!!!

Some examples would be:

  • plan meals ahead, so there you have one less thing to think about this week, read here.
  • pack your gym bag the night before so you don’t have to scramble in the dark for everything in the morning.
  • make breakfast the night before, so all you have to do is warm it up.
  • mark your calendar with your workouts, then keep your appointment with yourself.

Each week, I’ll post a new word, and more action steps for you! Stay tuned!

Happy WOW Wednesday!