Word of the Week: Kindness!


  • the state or quality of being kind
  • a kind act; favor
  • friendly feeling; liking.


This week, let’s focus on kindness towards ourselves.

With my line of work, I hear a lot of clients being unkind. Not to other people, but to themselves. This is a big bummer.

When I hear unkind comments, I usually follow up with questions like:

  • What makes you feel that way about yourself?
  • How did these feelings come about?
  • Do you think …… is really true about yourself?

After I talk with my clients for a bit about this, I always ask them, “If your best friend said that about you, would you want to be friends with them?”

Usually the answer is no.

We live with ourselves 24/7, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to be nice to the person you’re always with? You know, be the best best friend you can be to yourself?

And, it’s harder to show kindness to others if we can’t show kindness to ourselves.

ACTION STEP: if you think negative thoughts about yourself this week, stop and acknowledge those thoughts. Try to figure out where they’re coming from. Pay attention to patterns. Is it around certain times of the day? Maybe you’ve missed some workouts? Or, is it just that time of the month? It’s hard to change a behavior that doesn’t match your goals when you’re unaware of where it comes from.

BONUS: rephrase those thoughts to positive ones!

Show yourself some kindness this week.