Word of the Week: Effort!


  • exertion of physical or mental power
  • an earnest or strenuous attempt
  • something done by exertion or hard work
  • an achievement, as in literature or art
  • the amount of exertion expended for a specified purpose

Check out this kid:


It looks like he’s trying with all he’s got to kick that ball to the moon. Does it look like the ball got very high in the air? Maybe it just kind of puttered out on the ground.

That’s fine, he’s just a kid. But, if he keeps practicing and putting effort towards kicking that ball, he WILL get better at it!

What kind of effort are you putting into your life?

A kick the ball to the moon effort, or I’ll just sit on the bench and let someone else kick the ball effort.

ACTION STEP: pick one thing that you’re going to put more effort into this week. Write this down and keep it somewhere you can see it.

Some examples would be:

  • making an effort to set actionable goals that are behavior based.
  • making the effort to tell your partner they’re special to you (that one will work wonders, try it!).
  • making an effort to train with more intensity during each repetition.
  • making an effort to stop eating at 80% full at every meal.

I’ll be adding a new word every Wednesday, stay tuned!

Happy WOW Wednesday!