Keep Trying, Always!

Did any of y’all see the Seahawks game last night?!? Being from the NW, I’m a HUGE fan, and couldn’t be more proud of how they played.

If you’re not a fan, and missed the game, it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. I get it. But, whether you’re a fan or not, what happened last night was unbelievable!!! And, we can all learn from it!

Here are my take aways:

Keep trying. Just when you think you’re down and out, even after four quarters and one over time, you’re not. Keep working, keep going, even when you think it’s impossible. Try until you succeed.

Believe in your team. This can be your spouse, gym buddy, coach, friend, sibling, group fitness acquaintance, anybody. Always support them and believe in them. I bet they’ll do the same for you.

Be thankful to those who support your goals. Again, this can be anyone. Let them know how much they make a difference in your life. They could have no idea!

Never give up. Failing can be seen as a step in the right direction, learn from it, and move on. But NEVER, EVER give up.

I’m sure there are other takeaways, but these are the ones that really struck me.

Did you see the game? How did it make you feel?