Are You Stacking Things Against Yourself?

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you ask yourself, “How did this happen?” or “How did I get to this place?”

Let’s look at a fitness and nutrition example:

Imagine you get to work and you have a set stack of papers that is your work for the day. Think of it like a stack of to-do’s. Each stack paper is a function of the body: breathing, digestion, circulation, movement, etc. Each stack of work added is something that the body didn’t account for, but now has to deal with.

On an less healthy day, you get to work, start to go through your stack, but you noticed the stack is bigger than normal. You skipped breakfast, and go for the office doughnut instead of eating for your goals. Add a stack of work. You have allergies pretty bad today, and didn’t take your medicine. You feel congested and gross. Add a stack of work. You didn’t get good sleep last night, so you’ve been chugging coffee. Add a stack of work. You get the idea. Each time a stack of work is added, you feel like you’re falling more behind, and in a constant state of “catch up”. Not ideal for the body to be functioning at it’s best.

It seems like your pile of work is never ending. Then, you want it to function optimally for your fat loss workout. But, you brought a big stack of work with you, now you have to carry that around on top of the exercise routine you’re trying to complete. It could become a slower process to lose fat if we’re not functioning at our best, and minimizing our “stack”.

Stack of Paper

On the other hand, ​on a healthy day, you get to work, go through your stack for the day, and nobody interrupts you. Not even once. Wouldn’t that be nice? HA! You go about your day uninterrupted, and you get to leave on time. WOOHOO!!! Now you’re pumped and ready for your workout. You dominate it, naturally, because you feel awesome!

So, how do we get from the never ending stack of work, to the manageable pile of papers that doesn’t grow all day long?

We create a plan. Then slowly work that plan until it’s a habit.

Easy, right? Yeah, no. NOT easy.

Where do you start? What do you pick to work on? Do you ask for help?

ACTION STEP: Work backwards from your problem, and look for ways to improve it. Where did you start to feel like you were getting behind. In the above example, it could have started the first part of the day by sleeping in, staying up too late the night before, maybe you lost track of time in the morning, or forgot to prepare your breakfast the night before.

What were some of your behaviors leading up to that? Look for patterns. Then, after you feel like you have a good idea what you could change, only do that one thing. Practice it. Get good at it. Make it a habit. In the above example, the one thing to practice could be to leave electronics out of the bedroom, thus allowing you to fall asleep without being distracted. As always, make it about you.

What’s one thing you’re going to work on starting today to minimize your stack?