Are You a Phone Smasher?

How does this relate to fitness and nutrition? And, who would ever purposefully smash their phone?

Many times during nutrition discussions with clients I’ve heard them say things like, “Well, I already ruined my diet for the day, I’ll just start again tomorrow.” or “I had an event on Friday and indulged too much, then I woke up feeling gross on Saturday. So I decided just to party all weekend and start on Monday, again.”

Have you ever said something similar? The old “I’ll start tomorrow or Monday statement.”

I equate this to smashing your phone. What the heck do I mean?

Well, if you dropped your phone on the ground, would you repeatedly step on it until you smashed it? Probably not, that’s silly.

broken phone

But we do this with our diet and exercise plans. We make one small mistake and feel like everything is ruined, then we sabotage it. Why?

Is it easier to give up? Are your ambitions too lofty? Are you doing something you don’t enjoy? Is it an excuse to eat whatever you want? Is it a bargain you make with yourself to not feel guilty about eating less healthfully? Everyone has their own reasons for having these conversations with themselves.

What if you changed the way you viewed and treated little hiccups on your fitness journey? If you had that doughnut at work for breakfast, it’s not the end of the world. You still have two meals to eat healthy and still make your goals by the end of the day. Accept that you ate the doughnut, then choose to make positive choices the rest of the day. Maybe a salad for lunch, or a brisk walk after dinner, or any other thing you enjoy doing. What if your new thought process went something like this: “The doughnut this morning wasn’t on my plan, and it was a good reminder that there will always be temptations around me. I’m going to have a really healthy lunch with a lot of veggies and protein to make my body feel better. It deserves to feel it’s best, and I’m in charge of nutrition decisions.” Make your positive affirmation, then move on. The more we dwell on guilt from our actions, the less room we have to change.

One nutritionally poor meal will not make you fat, just like one healthy meal will not make you fit. It’s a collection of what we do most consistently that will get you the results you want.

ACTION STEP: the next time you feel like sabotaging yourself, STOP! Ask yourself, why am I doing this? What can I do differently?

Hopefully the next time you drop your phone, you will bend over, pick it up, and dust it off. As always, I’m here to help!